2013 New Years Resolutions For Digital Marketers

1. Resolve to make all email marketing mobile-friendly

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If you do nothing else this year, resolve to make all of your marketing emails (newsletters, drip campaigns, etc.) mobile-friendly. More and more people are checking their email on their smartphones and tablets, and if you don’t ensure that your emails are responsive on mobile, contain enticing preview text, and short subject lines, you’ll be missing out on a huge segment of your audience. The same goes for Facebook apps, microsites, and (of course) your website.

2. Resolve to focus more on visual content

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People are communicating online more visually than ever before, especially when it comes to social media. Part of this is due to the success of Pinterest, and part of it is due to a generational shift. As more Gen Y and Gen Z folks use visual content to communicate online (think memes, Tumblr animated .gifs, etc.), pictures and videos are becoming the preferred medium of communication.

Maybe that’s why photos generate 53% more Facebook likes than other post types. Take advantage of this trend by making your social media and content marketing communications more visual and less text-heavy. Invest more in image-heavy ebooks, infographics, video and visual blog posts.

3. Resolve to make your brand part of the larger conversation

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Topics trend online, and every few weeks, it seems there’s something everyone is talking about. In 2012, there was Gangnam Style, Felix Baumgartner’s history-making skydive from a distance of 23 miles, the American presidential election, and the London 2012 Olympics.

In 2013, there will be a whole new set of events that your brand has the opportunity to get involved in. Whether it’s simply giving your brand’s perspective on a trending topic on Twitter or taking over a meme and turning it into a humorous twist about your company, there’ll be plenty of creative opportunities to tap into trending online conversations in 2013.

4. Resolve to get smarter about analytics

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In this age of Big Data, a common issue marketers face due to having access to every possible analytic benchmark is identifying the wrong KPIs. How do you know which numbers matter in terms of affecting your bottom line?

The solution to this is to have clear, realistic goals for every marketing campaign you launch in 2013. Determine how many shares, pageviews, likes, retweets, etc. equal a sale, on average, and compare that with how much each marketing campaign costs you to run. By going in with clear goals for each campaign, you’ll know what to look for when your campaign ends and you’re reviewing your success.

Images via: TechRadar, Neomam, Hubspot, and Retvic.

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