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Jessica Torres is a digital marketing specialist who is passionate about all things social. After finishing her Master’s degree at American University, she’s been working in the DC area helping startups, small business owners, and nonprofits improve their digital marketing strategies. She can remember that mythical time Before The Internet but the memory is sort of hazy.

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Get in touch today to learn how I can help drive traffic, foster social media engagement and improve your business’s digital presence. Have a question? Email me at jessica [at]

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  1. Hi Jessica,
    I found your post about using different links to see the source of your traffic from within LinkedIn. I don’t fully understand, and hoped you can clarify. I want to host a contest to get people sharing my Kickstarter link during my campaign. I’d like to send the competitors their own links and then track which of those links bring the most traffic to my KS page. First, is this best way, in your opinion, to run this type of competition? And second, how do I generate different links for each person and then track them? Note: I’m new to so not fluent in really any aspect of it. Any tip would be huge. I hope that made sense.


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