Content Grid for B2B Marketing

Think all content is the same? Think again.

You should use a variety of content types to attract different segments of your target audience. The type of content you put your energy into creating should be done strategically, which means taking into account

1. The time and resources available to devote to your inbound marketing strategy


2. What types of leads you’re looking to attract.

In other words, the content you use to attract potential clients who have never heard of your company before should be different than the type of content you use to convert leads who are already familiar with your company.

In a perfect world, you would regularly create and promote content in many forms to attract and convert leads at all stages of the purchase funnel. But sometimes B2B companies, particularly startups, just don’t have the time or budget to do so.

So here’s a guide for the busy B2B content marketer on where to allocate your resources in accordance with the types of leads you wish to attract. Enjoy!

NOTE: This article continues in part 2 as guest post on Genius Business:


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