Free Resources For A/B Testing Your Landing Page

A/B testing your landing page is an essential part of optimizing your conversion rates. Little differences between colors, layout choices, and call-to-action placement can add up to a big impact in your results.

1. Easy Website Optimizer

easy website optimizer

The Easy Website Optimizer (beta) is a free tool that allows you to A/B test your landing page, much like Google’s (now defunct) website optimizer. Just type in the two URLs you wish to test, the URL for the conversion page, and the website optimizer will generate codes you can paste in your landing pages to track your conversion rates.

They’ve only been around about 2 months, but for now it’s free to create up to 50 tests at a time. Check them out!

2. The 5 Second Test

5 second website test







Let’s say you’d like to know what your visitors get out of a 5 second glance of your landing page, but you don’t have the time or money to invest in some actual market research. Enter the super useful 5 second test, which allows you to run your landing page by an anonymous group of visitors and ask them a specific question about their experience. Get real feedback from actual visitors to your landing page before it goes live.

3. The Click Test

click test heat map

The Click Test shows you where users are clicking on your landing page in an easy-to-read heatmap view, which allows you to see which call-to-action buttons are converting visitors the most.

This free tool will help you understand how users are engaging with your landing page and allows you to test out different button and link placement to see which version yields the best results.

4. Statistical Significance Test

statistical significance calculator

So let’s say you’ve done your A/B test and the results show that the control landing page converted 4.7% of visitors, while the variant converted 6.2%. Let’s also say that you majored in the humanities or social sciences and your training in statistics was woefully inadequate to say the least.

Here’s a great spreadsheet that will automatically calculate whether the results of your A/B test were statistically significant within a 90%, 95%, and 99% confidence level. Brilliant!

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