Getting More Food Truck Customers With Twitter

If you have a food truck, Twitter is your best friend. Food trucks are mobile, and Twitter is utilized by mobile users on their smartphones, making it a more effective communications tool than any other platform. Here are some ways to use Twitter to get more people out of the office during lunch time and in line at your food truck.

Tweet your location and time schedule



Nothing is more frustrating for a food truck fan than checking Twitter to see when their favorite food truck will be in their area, only to see a vague tweet that says, “We’ll be in Arlington at lunchtime”. Where in Arlington? What constitutes lunch time? Will the truck still be out if I’m going for lunch at 1:30PM? If your fans can’t tell, they probably won’t  risk chancing it, so be specific about when and where you will be each day.

Understanding SoMoLo

SoMoLo stands for “Social, Mobile, Local”, and it was coined to describe the way consumers have begun to incorporate mobile technologies to aid their shopping behaviors. This covers everything from shoppers who check prices on their smart phones while in the store, to people who buy online with their tablets while on their commutes, to office workers checking Twitter during their lunch hour for the food trucks that will be near their office that day.

As a mobile business, it is crucial to be on social and stay engaged with your customers. This means replying in real time to customer interactions on Twitter during business hours, posting live updates about where you are, updating as you sell out of items, and re-tweeting positive comments from your fans about your tasty food.

Use loyalty cards and include your Twitter ID







A loyalty program is the difference between your customers throwing your business cards away after you hand it to them and them keeping it in their wallets. Print your Twitter ID on your business cards along with your website and Facebook page so they’ll know where to find you.

Allow customers to order via Twitter

If you’re just breaking into the food truck industry, allowing customers to tweet in their orders can give you an edge over your more established competition. Customers who don’t have a lot of time for lunch will be appreciative to be able to tweet in their orders ahead of time and pick it up when it’s ready. In addition, you’ll get additional publicity since their followers will see their tweet about your food.

This only works when you’re just starting out. Once you have hundreds of lunch customers each day, it’s much more difficult to coordinate orders placed ahead of time, but it’s a great tactic for new food trucks who are competing with trucks that have an army of loyal followers.

 Ask for help finding parking



Food truck fans are fiercely loyal once they have a truck they like. When Curbside Cupcake has difficulty finding parking in the crowded Farragut North part of Washington, D.C., they use Twitter to ask their fans for help. Members of their local cupcake army who find and physically reserve a spot for the truck are rewarded with free cupcakes.

Leverage gamification



Offer freebies and specials to people who complete a challenge. Seoul Food offers free drinks, desserts and side dishes to customers who bring a book of the day. Since they only share the “secret” book of the day on Twitter, only Twitter followers are in the know. Offer exclusive discounts and watch your follow numbers grow.

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