How Small Businesses Can Find New Customers Through Bloggers

Getting your product or service featured on a popular blog is a cost effective way to promote your small business and get your brand exposed to an ultra-relevant audience. Here’s how small businesses like yours can find new customers through bloggers.

Get an expert product endorsement

An endorsement from a blogger with a wide readership is enormously valuable because:

  • Bloggers are passionate about their topic. They blog out of a sincere interest in their topic, and their readers respect that.
  • Bloggers are knowledgeable about their topic. They spend their free hours researching, reading other blogs, and keeping up on the latest trends in their field.
  • Bloggers have an established personal brand. Their readers know them for what they specialize in, and trust their advice.

Get a better ROI

Compare the return on investment you’ll get from advertising through bloggers verses traditional forms of digital advertising. Here’s a breakdown of the cost per 1000 impressions Chris Keller at Profitworks saw in his own experience:

Let’s say you’ve got a product, Bubbles Dog Shampoo, that sells for $20 a bottle. If you spent $20 on advertising, that would buy you:

  • 13,899 ad impressions from Google
  • 200,000 ad impressions from LinkedIn
  • 105,263 ad impressions from Facebook

Now if you were to contact a blogger who blogs especially about dogs and gets 20,000 page view a month, ask them to write a review of your product in exchange for a free bottle, you would get more page views from the post on a blog than Google for the same price.

Even though you’d seemingly get more page views if you advertised on LinkedIn or Facebook, it turns out that’s not really true. Because once you stop paying for advertising on Google, LinkedIn, and Facebook, your message will disappear.

But with blogs, the post about your product will stay hosted on their blog long after you’ve sent them your product for review. Months, even years after this hypothetical blogger posted about how great Bubbles Dog Shampoo is, whenever people search for recommendations for dog shampoo, that blog post will show up in the search results.

Get more of your message heard

Also consider this: when you pay for advertising on Google, Facebook and LinkedIn, you’re getting 1-2 sentences about your product in a tiny search ad. When you get a blogger to write a review about your product, you’re getting

  • A long post extolling the virtues of your product
  • Large images as opposed to a tiny thumbnail
  • Long shelf-life of your advertisement
  • An endorsement from a trusted source
  • Guaranteed relevancy in your audience

Bloggers have the same motivation as you in terms of making sure their posts get as much traffic as possible, so you won’t be alone in promoting your product review.

Get started!

First, search for blogs that are specialized to your general product category. I recommend using Google Blog Search.

Next, find the contact information for the blog owner and pitch to them. Tell them you’d love for them to review your product (for free) in exchange for them writing a review of it. You can also mention that if they don’t like your product, they aren’t obligated to review it and that you appreciate the opportunity anyway.

You might also ask for information about how much traffic they get, although you can sometimes get a good idea based on how many members or followers the blog has.

Have you tried getting your product reviewed by a prominent blogger? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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