LinkedIn Groups vs. LinkedIn Showcase Pages: What’s the Difference for Brands?

Late last year, LinkedIn introduced “showcase pages”, a new feature that is similar to LinkedIn Groups, but that offers brands some distinct new marketing opportunities.

When to Use LinkedIn Groups

When posting to a LinkedIn group, you’re posting from your own individual LinkedIn account. This means that the poster’s personal photo and company affiliation show up in the post. Not everyone is okay with having a brand’s message associated with their individual LinkedIn account, however, since asking your employees to post from their personal accounts is akin to asking them to share company marketing messages from their personal Facebook accounts.

Groups are also forums where any group member is free to post. If you moderate the group, you can control what posts are allowed, but ultimately members can engage with each other and are free to share their own content in the group.

Group members also get recaps via email of recent group topics (assuming they haven’t changed this in settings), so this is an additional avenue for reaching your audience.

When to Use LinkedIn Showcase Pages

Showcase pages, in contrast, are managed and run entirely by the company who created it. Only the company can post to the showcase page. Other people can follow a showcase page, but they cannot post to the page.

Another important difference is that when you post to your showcase page, you are posting as your brand, not as an individual. Think of it like this: LinkedIn showcase pages are the equivalent of Facebook brand pages. You post as the brand, not as a person.

You also get access to analytics about how many impressions your posts get, how many people clicked on links you shared, how many times your followers interact with your post, and an engagement score for each post. You don’t have access to these analytics for the groups you manage, so this is one big advantage of showcase pages.

One other thing to note is that the posts you share in your showcase page show up right in your user’s feeds. They don’t need to visit your showcase page to see your posts; as long as they follow your page, they will see what you share when browsing through their feed. Your posts will appear alongside updates from their connections.

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