Pinterest Is Driving Traffic To Your Site (Whether You Realize It Or Not)

If you are like most small businesses, you know two things about Pinterest:

1. People were going crazy over it back in late 2011, when studies were reporting that it was driving more traffic than Google +, YouTube, and LinkedIn combined.

2. While everyone says your business needs to have a presence on Pinterest, you remain skeptical.

Many of the businesses I’ve consulted for have set up a Pinterest account with the explicit goal of using it to drive traffic to their website. Yet few of them really believe the hype, because few have seen a measurable increase in traffic from Pinterest, and have subsequently let the cobwebs settle deep within their forgotten and neglected boards.

But I’d like you to take a moment to reconsider whether Pinterest is really as useless as you think. The reason many businesses aren’t swayed is because they think Pinterest works like this:

You pin an image from your business’s website to Pinterest.

People on Pinterest see your pin, like/repin/click it, and discover your business.

But in reality, it works like this:

You pin an image from your business’s website to Pinterest.

Random people who have visited your business’s website also pin images from your site to Pinterest, often without you realizing it.

People see both the images you’ve pinned from your site as well as the images from your site that others have pinned, and like/repin/click it to discover your business.

In other words, you’re not alone in managing your business’s presence on Pinterest. Anyone can pin an image from your website to their boards on Pinterest, which means that you may not really know how many of your company’s images actually end up on Pinterest.

The easiest way to monitor what others are pinning from your site is to check: (replace with your website’s main URL)

So don’t be discouraged if you pin what you think is a really great image to Pinterest, only to find that nobody likes or repins it. More than likely, there are people who are pinning images from your website you didn’t even think were Pin-worthy.

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