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Here’s my marketing prediction: as Tumblr continues to grow, more brands will start to recognize it as the powerful link building, brand awareness raising, inbound traffic generating platform that it is. Tumblr will become as vital to brands’ social media strategies as Facebook or Twitter now is.

Tumblr growth in 2012

Here are the most recent stats:

  • Tumblr now gets 170 million monthly visitors as of Q4 (tweet this!)
  • Tumblr is the 9th most popular site in America as of Q4 2012 (tweet this!)
  • Tumblr gets more than 20 billion pageview-per-month in part thanks to mobile users (tweet this!)

Tumblr continues to grow due to the rise of smartphone and tablet uses. Since many customers shop on their tablets, your brand will benefit from having a presence on Tumblr.

Tumblr for SEO

One of the best features of Tumblr is that like Pinterest, images can be linked to your website, and they aren’t NOFOLLOW. That means that each link on Tumblr going back to your website carries some linkjuice.

Describing  the power of Tumblr for SEO purposes, Takeshi Young on SEOmoz writes,
Imagine if every time someone shared your stuff on Facebook, or retweeted your tweets, or re-pinned your pins, you got a backlink. That’s exactly what happens with Tumblr.

Getting traffic from Tumblr

Here’s how it works. Start an account for your brand. Depending on the theme you use, you can add links to your other social media accounts including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.
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When you post an image of your product, you can designate a link to the product page where users can purchase it. When a user clicks on the image of your product, they will arrive on your website. They can also choose to share the image of your product on their other social media accounts, or they can reblog your image on their Tumblr accounts.
Share Tumblr on social

That’s it! It’s easy to get started. If Pinterest is driving traffic to your brand’s website, you should add Tumblr to your social media strategy to reach a whole new audience of customers.

Stats via The Verge, Slate, and Tech Crunch. Image via GeekOSystem

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